Elastic Development and Support Scalability Through On-Demand Services


The Right Talent for the Right Job

NBI offers on-demand placement of pre-vetted talent specializing in hard-to-find disciplines that enables you to scale your teams engineering and technical capabilities on demand,  includes government secret/top secret roles up to TS/SCi.  NBI’s 30+ years technical operations experience with government past performance enables our technical experts to fully understand your project and teams needs and then provide you with the right person with the right skill set in the shortest amount of time.

Elastic Scalability

NBI’s approach to contracting for short-term, long-term, and FTE enables a cost-effective approach to scaling your development capacity.  We tailor our engagements to provide flexibility on staffing so if you complete a project early, we can move resources so you’re P&L is not carrying a liability that is not producing results for your business.  The result is an approach that elastically scales development capacity with the least amount of risk.

Partner-Centric Approach

NBI provides a holistic approach that delivers a full solution to scale and solve complex problems.  Instead of simply managing a project or placing a body, our comprehensive collaborative approach over time enables a competitive advantage through predictive placement of resources.  The result is increased technical capabilities, capacity, and throughput that creates more opportunities to grow and scale your business.

On-Demand Staffing

On-demand placement of pre-vetted, individual talent specializing in hard-to-find development, information, and support disciplines that enables you to scale your teams capabilities including government secret/top secret roles up to TS/SCi.

Project Support

NBI offers complete support teams that act as a part of the broader project teams and are comprised of various roles, including SCRUM masters, Windchill admins, more, that add needed process and tracking without adding an inside team.

Outsourced Development

Outsourcing entire development teams that can take an idea through the agile process, into development and QA, resulting in a high-quality production product that accelerates your time to market and business objectives.