Accelerate Project Delivery Through Elastic Scalability


Accelerate your ability to deliver projects while lowering cost and risk

NBI provides a flexible, intelligent, and elastic approach to scaling development and support capacity for government and contractor organizations. Our unique approach provides talent or complete teams that can support projects ranging from non-classified to TS/SCI. Our unique approach to contracting enables you to get the development and support you need for the time you need it and then easily remove the overhead or move the talent or team to another project or FTE status without risk.

On-Demand, Cleared, and Experienced Talent and Teams

NBI’s deep technical intelligence, broad network of cleared talent, and unique vetting process creates a pool of ready-to-work individuals and teams with deep industry experience of sensitive projects – from defense to fintech to big data, that can accelerate any project.

Our process reduces the burden on HR and presents hiring managers with a handful of the right talent and teams, thoroughly vetted for the technical and clearance requirements of the project.

Accelerated Development and Delivery

NBI simplifies the choices to the right candidates so the hiring manager no longer has to wade through extensive interviews and resumes because HR cannot fully vet the talent ahead of time.  The same principle applies for NBI’s outsourced support and development teams.

Whether you simply need a person to augment existing capabilities or need an entire outsourced team to support or build the project, NBI accelerates the retainment of development and support capacity that meets your project needs.

Reduce Cost and Liability

Once your projects are delivered, NBI’s unique contracting approach provides you with flexibility so you do not add to G & A overhead between projects. Whether you’d like to transition individual team members or teams to other projects, to full time status, or out of the contract altogether, NBI has an option that will work for you.

This partner-centric approach allows you to eliminate the normal liabilities that come with moving employees around and reduces the risk associated with terminating full-time employees.  The result is an elastically scalable approach to staffing and outsourced development.