Expand and Streamline Your Access to Premier Talent and Teams


HR-focuses on people, NBI focuses on technical talent

HR and staffing firms play critical roles in ensuring that businesses get the employees, contractors, and consultants they need to be successful, however finding the right technical talent isn't a numbers game. At NBI, we focus on both the technical requirements of a project and the technical skills of the talent in our highly curated network. The result is an efficient partnership with HR and hiring managers, as well as staffing partners that delivers fewer, higher quality resumes that meet the exact technical requirements for the project. The overall process is streamlined and accelerated making your customers reach their goals faster with less cost while our partners expand their contracted searches.

Streamlined and Intelligent Process

NBI intelligently streamlines the augmentation of your existing HR or staffing services with premier talent and teams. Our experts were formerly operational in highly technical, development, and support disciplines and understand complex technical requirements where as an added service.  We intelligently match premium talent and teams to the right companies, projects, and roles.  You are able to pass on a small number of the right, hard-to-find talent and teams, depending on need, without burying the client in an avalanche of resumes.

Access Hard-To-Find Disciplines

The innovation of the market is not only accelerating, but expanding to utilize old, contemporary, and emerging technologies.  This creates demand for talent and teams proficient in hard-to-find disciplines.  NBI has a large network of on-demand talent and teams that specializes in providing senior-level capabilities in these disciplines including Windchill, CAD development, and many more.

Partner-Centric Contracting and Conversion

NBI realizes that your staffing requirements may be fluid based on the client and project.  We offer flexible and agile contracting that cost-effectively allows our staffing partners to convert temp employees to full-time.  NBI also offers flexible contracting so you can add or remove staff as needed.  The result is an elastic, partner-centric approach to development and support capacity that limits liabilities and risk.