Focused on applying intelligence to all aspects of project-centric development


NBI was founded to solve tough problems

The IT consulting industry is a challenging one. For years, NBI founder Matt Nowosiadly and many of his team worked as consultants and ran into the same issue: clients paid exorbitant rates and in return were delivered poor or insufficient results. The NBI team recognized the inefficiencies in these business arrangements and wanted to change that. In 2010, Nowosiadly and his team launched Now Business Intelligence (NBI), a firm that would help companies solve challenging technical problems for an affordable rate.

Since then, NBI has managed to continue to grow and tackle some of the most unique and complex problems for our clients, from leading financial institutions to top military defense contractors. What is unique to these experiences was the NBI team has consistently delivered projects on time and for costs that are comparable to internal rates. Doing so has maximized client value, efficiency and has generated ROI in the millions of dollars resulting in consistent recurring project work.

The continued success is not only based on the unique business engagement approach. Another major factor is that we don't consider ourselves consultants at all. We are problem solvers. NBI partners with clients at an unparalleled level and becomes the technical problem-solving solution that companies consider to be an organic extension of their organization.

Our Vision

Enable a world where governments and business have on-demand access to the technical capacity needed to accelerate the next world-changing project as an unfair advantage in the new era of work without wasting time.

Our Mission

Transform the connection between in-house engineering, human resources, and outsourced development and support talent into a predictive, cohesive, and elastic pipeline of capabilities and capacity that accelerates the technical realization of strategic business objectives.