Like many in the software industry, we at NBI utilize Scrum framework for a multitude of projects. For Scrum to be effective, accurate estimates for the size of the backlog are a must. So when existing tools weren’t able to meet NBI’s estimation needs, we built our tool that is faster and smarter than other estimation tools on the market.

NBI’s estimation tool consistently completes estimation sessions in up to half the time it takes industry standard tools and produces better estimations as a result.

The tool comes complete with two separate estimation games. Our Scrum Poker is designed as a modern twist on the industry’s standard estimation tool. Our tool recognizes when votes fall within a predetermined accuracy range and average those votes together to produce a faster, more accurate game. The tool also recognizes accuracy gaps and slows the game down accordingly, allowing for user discussion. Our Swimlane Sort game functions as a quick method for sorting stories: those stories that are considered well-defined are separated from those stories requiring further discussion. The game is particularly useful when users are voting on a backlog for release planning—well-defined stories can be reviewed quickly, allowing users to spend their time more efficiently focusing on stories that require more attention.

The NBI estimation tool is fully integrated with both the on-premise and cloud versions of TFS and Jira. It also works well on mobile devices—the NBI team frequently completes estimation sessions while gathered around a table, voting from our phones.

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