A few words about the project

NBI was deeply involved in the development of an application to organize the process of supplier selection for a leading defense industry contractor. A joint NBI-customer team designed a web-application for the maintenance and querying of a newly centralized database. The solution resulted in a vast improvement in accuracy and efficiency of data gathering over a large continuum of scales. It addressed the inefficiencies of a system with many moving parts in poor communication with each other.

The tool addressed all of the customer’s needs, replacing a system that had evolved to a state of substantial complexity. They required a database structure to collate and centralize their disparate data sources. They also required an automated and maintainable system that could handle data on a scale starting at hundreds of millions of bids. They required the web \tool that could quickly and usefully present ten results or ten thousand. They required a rich, interactive analytics engine to examine those results. Finally, they required a safe, efficient interface to update the database.

The solution was to aggregate the disparate data in a SQL server, accessible through a rich, single-page JavaScript web application. Through extensive pre-calculation and optimization of the data pipeline, the team built an application which could return a usefully presented ten thousand item response in a browser with little to no delay. Those results were immediately available for highly interactive real-time analytics, providing a rapid, one-stop solution to the previously complicated process. The end result with the new process was a $2-3 billion dollar cost reduction for the client over seven years, and the establishment of a centrally maintained, streamlined data center.