A few words about the project

DIVT is the core of an Earned Value management system tool suite built internally by a leading defense industry contractor. Earned Value is required by the US government on any project using government funds. Improper tracking can lead to monumental fines, or even imprisonment. NBI provided development and QA experts for this multi-year project. Our developers held lead roles throughout the system's life cycle from kickoff, to full deployment and adoption across the enterprise, to hyper care. NBI also staffed managers, lead developers, and designers for many tools built around DIVT as well as the tool's predecessor. The development teams typically consisted of roughly seven developers and QA engineers using an Agile process.

DIVT is responsible for integrating data from custom internal sources using SQL Server and Oracle, enterprise solutions such as SAP, and COTS tools (e.g. Microsoft Project). It provides normalization and cross-validation of the data as well as a rule system for checking compliance with government regulations. The data sizes are in the hundreds of millions of rows and support roughly a hundred government programs and typically loads millions or even tens of millions of rows on-demand. The system is extensible and allows new data sources to be added with relatively little additional development effort, and new rules to be added with no development effort in the typical case. DIVT also serves as the hub data source for a variety of reporting, dashboarding, and tooling scenarios. It was built around a Microsoft stack heavily utilizing SQL Server, ASP.NET, SharePoint, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS, which was used to provide online analytical processing (OLAP).