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Innovate, explore, and work on really cool stuff

When you join NBI, you have the opportunity to be self-made and control your own future.

Not only do you work on challenging projects, you have a real voice in what our company does and how we do it. We’re fanatical about always being equitable and ensuring you’re well-compensated for your contributions instead of working hard to make someone else rich.

At NBI, you are part of a fast-paced environment with like-minded, incredibly smart and talented people who love working on client projects as much as exploring each others’ ideas in our makerspace.

How to Apply

Email your resume to

Perk: Check out our Makerspace

One of the most unique amenities that we have at our disposal is the Makerspace. Our makerspace is equipped with robots, 3D printers, CNC routers, remote controlled aircraft, and all sorts of gadgets that allow the team to work on exciting projects together. Having the ability to decompress while still applying the same problem solving principles and skillsets to fun and unique projects has done wonders in generating team unity and promoting a healthy work-life balance.

NBI Makerspace
NBI Makerspace