There’s a secret personality trait we’ve found in nearly all the successful computer scientists we’ve worked with over the years.

What is it?

A deep passion for all things mathematics, of course. A computer scientist is really just a modern-day mathematician who has replaced the blackboards and chalk of yesteryear with a computer and code.

So how can you pick out an elite computer scientist from the crowd?

At NBI, we ask questions designed to gauge a prospective programmer’s passion for mathematics, because we’ve found that people with a deep understanding of logic, who get genuinely excited about solving math problems, end up being the most successful in the computing world.

“Math brains” see the world differently. They approach problems from a purely analytical standpoint.  Incorporating an analytical mathematician to your team gives you a different problem-solving perspective when making business decisions. It can affect your bottom line!

Coding composed by a true mathematician is rock solid. Most sub-par programmers are still capable of writing code that performs adequately under ideal conditions. The real difference between a novice and an expert coder becomes apparent in high-usage scenarios. Systems designed correctly by a pro are built to withstand stressful situations, which means your programs will work when you need them most, not just during a trial run.

Quality computer scientists equate to real savings. This one is simple math: the greatest benefit to working with a strong computer scientist is in their financial value. On the surface, it might appear as if you can cut costs by using a less experienced, “lower priced” programmer who seems capable of meeting your basic computing needs. But we’ve seen it time and again: when everything from future troubleshooting to loss of functionality is factored in, it is significantly more valuable to work with a passionate, experienced computer scientist who writes great code, saves you money over the long-term and provides invaluable peace of mind!

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