While many of our technologists and developers have decades of experience across industries, NBI as a company cut its’ teeth solving technology problems in the defense industry.

Why does it matter? Well, technology is a rapidly changing industry, and you want a partner who can adapt quickly while maintaining quality methodology. Working in the defense industry helped develop this important practice.

As an example, check out how growing up “under fire” in the defense industry helped shape NBI into the company it is today:

Mistakes were not an option – In the defense world, NBI was working on projects in which lives were at stake. This instilled the concept that every project mattered, deadlines could not be missed, and all data required everyone’s utmost attention.

Compliance meant compliance – Working with confidential and at times top-secret data instilled a serious sense of security in all data NBI worked with; an approach now applicable to all industries, including HIPPA, PHI, etc.

Showed what worked, and what didn’t – Working alongside of many groups of contractors allowed us to measure ourselves against others. Many other defense contractors were using standard project management methods which might work in construction, but not nearly as well in software development. Hence our reliance on SCRUM/Agile was born, and to this day we insist on strict adherence to SCRUM/Agile methodology on all business.

Got good with large numbers – By working government contracts, NBI grew comfortable dealing with large sums of money, and became experts at Earned Value Management software (mandatory for all DoD projects over $100 million). This forced us to develop strong financial practices.

Learned results matter most – NBI was initially wary of the stigma associated with technology consultants. However, by continually delivering strong results, clients and companies both became believers in NBI, confident in their abilities to deliver results. Two decades later, these core values continue to guide NBI; creating a thriving consultancy poised for prosperity and growth.

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