The IT consulting industry is a challenging one. For years, NBI founder Matt Nowosiadly and many of his team worked as consultants and ran into the same issue: clients paid exorbitant rates and in return were delivered poor or insufficient results. The NBI team recognized the inefficiencies in these business arrangements and wanted to change that. In 2010, Nowosiadly and his team launched Now Business Intelligence (NBI), a firm that would help companies solve challenging technical problems for an affordable rate.

Since then, NBI has managed to continue to grow and tackle some of the most unique and complex problems for our clients, from leading financial institutions to top military defense contractors. What is unique to these experiences was the NBI team has consistently delivered projects on time and for costs that are comparable to internal rates. Doing so has maximized client value, efficiency and has generated ROI in the millions of dollars resulting in consistent recurring project work.

The continued success is not only based on the unique business engagement approach. Another major factor is that we don't consider ourselves consultants at all. We are problem solvers. NBI partners with clients at an unparalleled level and becomes the technical problem-solving solution that companies consider to be an organic extension of their organization.

The most rewarding results for our team is learning our client saved over $120 million with the implementation of our solution. Meet the team that continuously makes successes like this one happen.

Matthew Nowosiadly
CEO, Now Business Intelligence

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What you need to know for an effective SharePoint migration

Effective SharePoint Migration webinar October 20, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Join the experts from NBI and the CardioLog Analytics team to get the inside scoop on how to improve your SharePoint migration communication and analytics strategies.

This hour-long webinar will help you detect potential migration challenges and set up an effective communication plan, which is vital for ensuring SharePoint migration and change management success. Understanding gaps and anticipating opportunities in your current intranet portal exposes the most effective path forward with a SharePoint migration. You'll get an inside look at the most useful metrics and collaboration tools to use for monitoring and improving your SharePoint migration before, during, and after deployment.


Aureus Humboldt, NBI’s Manager of Sales, was recently named to the Board of Directors of the Boston Chapter of IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners). IAMCP’s aim is to create a network of colleagues, share practices to best navigate the Microsoft ecosystem, and grow business for members. NBI is proud to partner with Microsoft to bring innovative and effective technology solutions to our clients.


NBI is taking its business to a whole new level

Everett, MA – Building on previous success, NBI is growing its leadership ranks to better serve a wider array of companies and industries.

NBI founder, Matt Nowosiadly, is taking the company he successfully launched 7 years ago to a higher level. He is growing his management team and his business, allowing Matt to better define his industry leadership role as CEO; increasing focus on relationships with federal, state, municipal and local governments. Matt will also set the course for ambition, growth and technological advancement, fixating on the next generation of products: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), predictive analytics, data migration and the internet of things (IoT). Matt is driven by a mission to streamline and advance technology that solves client problems by bringing joy instead of anguish.

“We are taking our business and client service to a whole new level by increasing our commitment to neutralizing the current friction of data migration, integrating software, and custom software.”
CEO, Matt Nowosiadly

Joe Warrino was promoted to President. In a company of computer scientists and engineers, Joe is the lone operational and finance expert. His focus is on streamlining operations and process improvement, allowing his team of computer scientists and software engineers to solve clients tech problems more efficiently and effectively. Joe will manage partnerships: enterprise level, service providers, and sales & marketing. And as in the past, Joe’s expertise will add value and respect all NBI clients. To Joe, every relationship matters, be it clients, partners, NBI team members or the neighbors next door.

“Tech should enhance your business not just be something you have to do.”
President, Joe Warrino

Aureus Humboldt is the new Manager of Sales. Aureus has deep experience in sales and customer satisfaction; having delivered extensive work in quantitative research to successfully improve Customer Experience Management (CEM). He will focus his efforts on new companies and new industries, expanding NBI’s sales capabilities.

Strengthening their leadership team further demonstrates NBI’s unwavering commitment to continued growth and client service.